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Affiliated to Bharathidasan University - Trichy


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Chemistry Department

About the Department

Chemistry Department

Chemistry is a basic science whose central concerns are -

  • the structure and behaviour of atoms (elements)
  • the composition and properties of compounds
  • the reactions between substances with their accompanying energy exchange
  • the laws that unite these phenomena into a comprehensive system.

Chemistry is not an isolated discipline, for it merges into physics and biology. The origin of the term is obscure. Chemistry evolved from the medieval practice of alchemy. It's bases were laid by such men as Boyle, Lavoisier, Priestly, Berzelius, Avogadro, Dalton and Pasteur.

Programs offered

UG Course
B.Sc (Chemistry)


Syllabi - UG - B.Sc (Chemistry) (2016-2017)

Faculty Details

 Department of Chemistry
Dr.R.Anbazhakan,M,phil.,Ph.d., Head and Assistant Professor
Dr.S.Siva,M,phil.,Ph.d., Assistant Professor
K.Arumugam,M.phil.,Assistant Professor
J.Jayamalathi,M.Phil.,Assistant Professor

Research project


Department Association Activities

Science Club

The primary objective of science club activities is to keep the students excited about science. The Activities are designed to introduce students to interesting and exciting scientific ideas behind circuits, motors, cloud formation, chemical reactions etc. The practical use of scientific principles in the gadgets in daily use are highlighted. It is hoped that after performing these activities, students will be able to understand the concepts better, assimilate them and will be motivated to conduct more such experiments and projects..

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